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Ordering - Info & Order Form


To Order Supplies Only:

Call us, or mail, fax, or email your order. If mailing or faxing an order, use one of our printable order forms:

  • EZ order form- for either supplies or buck semen. Quick & easy short form. You fill in item descriptions & prices from listings.

  • Itemized Order Form - for just A.I. supplies. Item descriptions & prices are listed on form; includes full list of A.I. supplies.



Payment is required prior to shipping.

We accept checks by conventional mail, and proudly honor Mastercard and Visa either by phone or conventional mail.

We accept both Visa and Mastercard

If using a credit card, provide credit card information: Card number, expiration month and year, name credit card is issued to, and indicate either Mastercard or Visa. Remember to include the 5% (five percent) card fee for all credit card orders.

If you fax or email your order, you'll need to send payment separately via conventional mail. NOTE: Please do NOT email or fax your credit card information, since these methods do not use secure encryption and the privacy of your personal information may be compromised.



If your order total is under $20, add $5 for shipping and handling. Add $8 for order totals over $20. (These rates apply to orders not including semen; there is an additional $10 nitrogen handling fee for shipping semen - see below.)


To order Semen:

Check with us for freight charges on tank shipments. We ship tanks by Federal Express, UPS, or bus (for Oregon and neighboring states only) from Medford, Oregon. Buyer pays shipping costs both directions and the tank must be returned within 3 (three) days of receipt to avoid a $5 per day late fee.

We deliver free to the ADGA Convention and the ADGA National Show. Be sure to pre-order semen for pick-up at either event to insure its availability. A 50% (fifty percent) deposit will hold your semen for pick-up.

Our minimum semen order is $100, in addition to a $10 nitrogen handling fee.


Semen Export: Semen available for export is designated with the airplane logo:

These bucks have undergone the quarantine and testing required by most foreign countries for semen export.


WARRANTY DISCLAIMER POLICY: Our semen is of the highest quality. However, because we cannot control conditions under which it is used, we make no warranty as to the quality or productiveness of the product or quality of offspring obtained by its use. Once the product is shipped, quality cannot be guaranteed. We make no warranty of any kind, express or implied, which extends beyond the description of our products, and hereby disclaim all warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and merchantability. In the unlikely event that our products are proven defective, damages resulting from their use shall be limited to their value.


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