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Welcome to The Buck Bank -
Your source for ordering
dairy goat sire semen,
and much more.

We carry a wide variety of buck semen in the following breeds:

Alpine, Nubian, Toggenburg, Saanen, La Mancha, Oberhasli and a limited selection of Other Breeds (Angora, Boer, Cashmere, Nigerian Dwarf and Tennessee Meat Goat).

We also offer a selection of Limited Quantities - Rare - Hard-to-find - Out-of-circulation semen in very limited quantities.

You can browse all of these listings now through our online
Buck Semen Catalog of A.I. Caprine Sires.

If you wish to reach us for semen, supplies, or to discuss and schedule having your buck collected, please contact us.

Your Buck In The Tank = Buck Insurance

About the Buck Bank
and our service commitment to you:

The Buck Bank has been owned and operated by Diane Heaney since 1981, in order to offer a wider variety of choices through AI as an alternative to natural breedings.

Initially formed by Diane as a small AI semen co-op known as Custom Collections, when she worked out of the back of a Datsun pick-up truck, the Buck Bank has steadily grown since its early days to a full-scale business offering a wide variety of top-quality buck semen for export within and outside of the U.S.

We also carry a full line of practical, functional, barn-tested AI equipment and supplies, including an A.I. instructional training video. Because our focus is dairy goat AI, we do not sell peripheral items.

As always, the Buck Bank operates an on-your-farm semen collection service. Semen collection trips are scheduled in August and generally cover the western states. On occasion we can schedule trips around Convention (October) to the Midwest and East Coast.

Countless years of experience on the road collecting and processing semen ensures that only an expert technician will process your buck semen, with first-rate results.

Our highest priority is meeting the needs of the AI customer. We want you to be as successful in AI-ing your herd as we have been in ours.

Our rock-solid reputation, based on 40-plus years of first-hand experience with AI in our own herd, is your quality guarantee that you will receive the very best information and service available anywhere.

We invite you to bookmark our site and visit often, to take advantage of new offerings and updates to our extensive online catalog of buck semen and other products and services.

CATALOG NOTE:  Our printed catalogs are no longer available.
If you are unable to print out the information you want from our online catalog, you can request copies of the section(s) you need from us (sent by mail). You will need to fill out our quick catalog mailing form and specify which breed(s) you are interested in. If you need additional information beyond what is listed here on our website, then please contact us directly.

A REMINDER: Due to limited supplies, occasionally we have buck semen in our inventory that is not listed here on our website. If a particular buck you are interested in is not listed, or if you are looking for bucks having specific characteristics and need more information, then as above, please contact us directly, and we will do our best to assist you to find what you want.

We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you to meet your A.I. breeding goals!



For more information about dairy goats, in addition to our own site, we recommend the American Dairy Goat Association's website.

READING PEDIGREES: A complete explanation of terms and abbreviations used in dairy goat pedigrees is available at the California Dairy Goats site (or on ADGA's home page, use the "How To Read ADGA Performance Pedigrees" link under "ADGA Information and Dairy Goat Resources."



We would like to acknowledge the fun and clever artwork of Willi Boepple,
zany and equally as clever Dar Glasgow Addington creations,
and the fine drawing by Kathleen Forrester on our Intro Page.


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