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A.I. Breeding Supplies



Continental Goat Gun - so streamlined and easy to use it's become the most popular gun on the market. No brittle needles to fool with, this is the only gun with a sheath that stays bent for getting the angle you often need to get into the cervix. Includes plunger, metal locking ring, and barrel. 12 inches long.  $29.95


Continental Goat Gun with Metal Locking Ring - 8 inch barrel

Continental Goat Gun with metal locking ring and 8-inch barrel



Continental Sheaths - use with Continental Gun and 1/2-cc straws. Flared end.

The ONLY sheath that holds its shape while bent. This trick makes getting into does that require a downward angle much easier.

25 sheaths per package,  $13.50



French Goat Gun - Its narrower tip and more flexible sheaths are designed for getting into difficult does. Use with French sheaths. 12 inches long.  $38.75

French Goat Gun with Plastic Locking Ring - 11.5-inch barrel

French Goat Gun with plastic locking ring and 11.5-inch barrel



French Sheaths - Use with the French Goat Gun and 1/2-cc straws.

Ends are slit and blunt cut.

25 sheaths per package,  $16.50



Sheath Carrier - Aluminum tube designed to store your open package of breeding sheaths. Plastic end caps seal tightly to prevent contamination.

13-inch length, 1-and-3/4-inch diameter.  $14.95

Sheath Carrier, aluminum tubeSheath Carrier



A.I. Light - Our many years of experience AI-ing our own does helped us design this sturdy, lightweight, and longlasting light source.

Battery pack uses 2 AA batteries.

Gives you plenty of light, where you need it. Replacement bulbs available.

A.I. Light,  $35.50

Extra bulb,  $3.00

AI Light with batteriesAI Light



A.I. Lubricant - Non-spermicidal, water-soluble lubricant jelly used by veterinarians.

Use for speculum lubrication and other gynecological procedures.

Will not damage sperm cells.

$9.85 per tube.

A.I. LubricantA.I. Lubricant



Sterilizable Speculums - The best speculums available, in two different sizes.

Our custom-made, double-strength Pyrex speculums are heat-tempered for extra sturdiness.

Offset opening makes finding and stabilizing the cervix much easier than others on the market.

Blunt opening makes insertion more comfortable for the doe.

Microwaveable and oven-safe.

Use Large for mature does, Small for yearlings, Pygmies or Nigerian Dwarves.

Sterilizable Speculums, Large or Small, $9.95 each

Sterilizable SpeculumsSterilizable Speculums



Speculum Brush - Its full bristles and twisted wire handle make cleaning all speculum styles and sizes a snap.  $4.60

Speculum Brush and Straw Cutter

Speculum Brush & Straw Cutter  (sold separately)

Straw Cutter - Designed to cut straw end squarely off.

A squarely cut straw will seat securely in the breeding sheath, preventing semen from leaking into the sheath rather than going into the doe.

Snaps apart for easy cleaning.  $8.40



Straw Tweezers for easy removal of straws from canister - with grooved tip for gripping straw without damaging it.  

Status on this item:  NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Straw TweezersStraw Tweezers



Thaw Jar - High-impact plastic thermos holds thermometer and semen straw for handy access, while helping to maintain water temperature for thawing semen. (6-inch height, 3-inch diameter.)  $8.35

Thaw Jar for AI
Thaw Jar

(Shown with a Thermometer,
which is sold separately; see below.
Note that both of these items
are part of our Complete A.I. Kit,
also listed below.)




Thermometer - 1-inch Dial Thermometer with 5-inch stem and a clip-holder. Has the range for the optimum thaw temperature of 90 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Accurate and easy to read.  $13.95

Thermometer for AIThermometer, with 1-inch Dial face

(Easily used with our Thaw Jar, which holds the Thermometer face upright in an easy-to-read position while keeping the stem properly submerged.)



Straw Retriever - Handy retractable grabber for picking up straws, goblets, or canes that are loose in the bottom of your tank.  $7.50

Straw Retriever with Handy Retractable Grabber (inset)Straw Retriever

(Note that these are different from the Straw Tweezers (see above) that we used to offer, which are no longer available.)



Canes and Goblets - Each aluminum cane holds 2 goblets (one above, one below) (9.2 or 10 mm.)

Each plastic 10-mm. goblet holds 5 (1/2-cc) straws. Goblets sold in packets of 10.

Aluminum canes,  $ 1.00 each.

Goblets,  $2.35 per 10-pack.

Canes and Goblets


Canes (bottom)
& Goblets





Nitrogen Tank Measuring Stick - Calibrated in centimeters, white on black markings make for easy reading. This "must-have" tool lets you know your tank's liquid nitrogen level.  $9.50

Nitrogen Tank Measuring Stick

Nitrogen Tank Measuring Stick



Complete A.I. Kit

$153.95 - Without Carrying Case

$173.45 - With Carrying Case

Complete A.I. KitComplete AI Kit

Shown here with the
optional carrying case.

Please Note:
This case is NOT included
in the Complete A.I. Kit
UNLESS you specify
that you are ordering a
Kit With the Carrying Case
on your order form.

***You can also save
substantial shipping charges
by purchasing your own
carrying case from
your local hardware.***


The Complete A.I. Kit includes:

  • a Continental A.I. Gun

  • 1 (one) package of Continental Sheaths

  • a Speculum Brush

  • a Straw Cutter

  • a Thermometer (has the range for the optimum thaw temperature, which is from 90 to 95 degrees F)

  • an A.I. Light

  • A.I. Lubricant

  • 2 (two) Large and 1 (one) Small Speculums

  • a Thaw Jar



A.I. Instructional Training VIDEO:

An All-New Filming of our popular A.I. Training Video "The Buck Bank Presents: A.I. Made Easy" - The A.I. training video that teaches you everything you need to know to successfully A-I your does. The A.I. clinic you can take in the comfort of your own home. It can be reviewed over and over for the details you want to focus on.

This state-of-the-art instructional tape is complete with diagrams, checklists, and actual technique demonstrations. This video gets rave reviews from happy customers. Great for 4-H and club programs too. Running time: 1 hour and 45 minutes.

$64.95 each (SHIPPING is included in price).

See A.I. Instructional Info for more information.



The Buck Bank also sells

Liquid Nitrogen-regulated

Semen Storage Tanks.

Semen Storage Tank Sketch

Semen Storage Tank

Contact us for current tank size, price and availability information.


To order any of the above items,
see Ordering for more information
and a printable order form.

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